D-Link DP-301P Print Server
D-Link DP-301P Print Server
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10/100Mbps Pocket Size Print Server with built-in 1 parallel port

D-Link, an industry leader in networking, introduces the DP-301P+ Express EtherNetworkTM Fast Ethernet Print Server. The DP-301P+ is a compact print server that allows you to share your parallel printer on an Ethernet network. Now, everyone on your network can enjoy the benefits of sharing a single printer.

The DP-301P+ is a great alternative to software-based printer sharing. The DP-301P+ eliminates the need to have your printer connected to a host computer. With the DP-301P+, everyone on your network can be sure that their printing jobs go through at any time. Documents also print faster from the DP-301P+ than from software-based printer sharing solutions.

The DP-301P+ is designed to make installation simple. It has a built-in Centronics connector that connects directly to your printer without the hassle of using a printer cable. Its compact size makes placement of the DP-301P+ easy—even in areas with limited space.

The DP-301P+ supports all the major networking protocols such as TCP/IP, NetBEUI, AppleTalk, and EtherTalk. It is compatible with computers running Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and all other TCP/IP compatible operating systems.

The DP-301P+ is easily configured using a Web-browser. With the user-friendly Web-based setup, you can quickly configure your DP-301P+ Print Server from any computer on the network. A PSAdmin configuration program is also included to configure your DP-301P+ for Windows-based systems.

Add the DP-301P+ to your home, school, or small office network for the convenience of a shared network printer.

D-Link Print Servers
Standards • IEEE 802.2 • IEEE 802.3 • IEEE 802.3u • IEEE 1284
Ports • 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet • Parallel Port with Centronics connector
Data Transfer Rate • 10/100Mbps
Transport Protocols • TCP/IP • NetBEUI • AppleTalk/EtherTalk
TCP/IP Protocols Supported • BOOTP • SNMP • Telnet • TFTP • FTP • LPD • RARP • DHCP
Management SNMP
MIBs MIB-II (RFC 1213)

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