Digital Video Recorders


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Avtech AVC 792 DVR 4Ch
4 Channel H.264 Network DVR /UDB/ Sata/VGA/Remote Control. Made in Taiwan. 1 Year Warranty. ..
Avtech AVC 798 DVR 16Ch
16 Channels Real-time H.264 Network ( USB Mouse Control with GUO Display).  Made in..
Avtech AVL 683 19" LCD DVR 4Ch
Professional 19" LCD with H.264 Network 4 Channels Digial Video Recorder.  Made in ..
Avtech DR 163Z DVR 16Ch
16 Channel H.264 Real Time  Network DVR, /USB /Sata /VGA /Remote ..
Avtech KPD 677ZL DVR 8Ch
8 Channel H.264 Real-time Network DVR /USB/ Sata/ VGA/ Remote Control. Made in Taiwan. 1..
Avtech KPD 679
16 Channels H.264 / Network/USB/Remote/SATA/VGA. Made in Taiwan. 1 Year Warranty. &n..
Avtech KPD-677ZB DVR 8Ch
8 Channel H.264 Real-Time Network DVR (USB Mouse Control with GUI Display) VGA/ Remote Contr..